Games to Play

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out what games I am able to play with a newborn in tow.  I can barely even find time to eat since he refuses to let me put him down but I’m determined to find something I can do a the same time.

I’ve been trying out Hearthstone – a card based game from Blizzard. I like that I’m able to play it on whichever device I want, I just log into my Blizzard account. Most of the time, I’m playing on my iPad since I can take it with me whether I’m eating a quick lunch or nursing him. I’m still learning all the cards though so it’s a bit hard for me to even beat the dungeon run. I get frustrated since each time is different just based on what cards you get etc.

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Another mobile game I have been trying is called Legendary Game of Heroes. It is also a card game but is similar to Puzzles and Dragons where you match orbs. It’s pretty simple and I do like matching games but some of them are very time-sensitive which makes it hard for me with a baby. Also, when they have events, you want to be playing constantly so you’re you’re being efficient with the “keys’ you have but that’s impossible for me to keep up.

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The mister told me about another mobile game called Idle Heroes. I’ve seen ads for it on my Facebook but haven’t decided if I want to play it yet. It looks kind of like a mix of Casual Warrior (another mobile game I used to play) and Summoner’s War (a game I need to go back to). I’m not sure I want to learn a whole new game. I usually wait for the mister to learn it all then I’ll jump in. SO I’ll probably see what he thinks first before I jump in.

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On the note of Summoner’s War, I did see there was new guild content. I haven’t really touched that game in months so I feel like I’m going to be so far behind. The guild is probably dead too. But the SW community is so great. I definitely miss them, so I may try to get back into the game. I wish I was more strategic and enjoyed the runes part.  That is such an essential part of the game but my brain seems to like the mindless playing more.

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I also want to get back into Overwatch and try out the new champion – Hammond. I hear he is a cutie (he’s a hamster). I’m not sure how I’ll be playing him since I’m definitely better as a healer (Mercy) but maybe I’ll be able to give it a shot this afternoon.

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I know that’s a lot of different games on my mind. What can I say? I always have so many thoughts going through my head.

On another note, I started watching a new K-drama called Are You Human Too?  So far it is really good and I’m loving it! The robot human is so lovable. I was also scared of the idea of AI’s taking over but this one makes it more humane and he seems more human and compassionate than most humans.

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If you’ve played any of these games or are watching any K-dramas too, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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