Meals for the Week of July 22nd

This week, I’m back on meal prepping/cooking. Below you’ll find the recipes I’ve loosely tried and my thoughts on it. I provided photos when I remember to take them, but my creations are never picture perfect.

Boudin Biscuits

This is what I called it but basically we like the Zummo’s Boudain we get at HEB but I never know what to eat with it. I quickly googled what you can pair it with and most responses were, more boudain. I got lucky and found this one that’s eggs, bacon and biscuit with boudain. We didn’t have bacon at home but we did have the Red Lobster biscuit mix so I whipped that up with the boudain and some fried eggs. It was actually pretty good. The boudain give it a good kick but one boudain per person is a little small. (No photos b/c I forgot and they were ugly).

Chicken Teriyaki

I cooked the chicken first, because I love our sous vide machine. After it was done, I took the chicken out and cut it up into small pieces.  I chopped up the garlic and mixed all the ingredients for the teriyaki sauce and mixed the chicken in it. I let it marinate for a bit and started steaming the broccoli.

Then all I did was stir fry the chicken and add some toasted sesame seeds on top and ate it with rice! Super quick, easy and delicious!

Steak + Salad

I had steak previously frozen for days when I’m lazy. After I vacuum pack these, I put them into the Anova to sous vide at 130 degrees Fahrenheit to get the perfect medium rare steak. After it cooks for 2 hours, I take it out and add some seasoning like salt, pepper and thyme and sear it with some butter on the stove top. Then I just add a salad and voila, dinner is ready! (No pictures because the steaks weren’t pretty and I forgot =p)

Lunch Option

Lemon Garlic chicken veggies


I made this for the mister for lunch. It was super easy to make because you just throw it all together in the same mixture and then bake it in the oven.

 I might have to do this more often because I was able to do this while the baby was napping. I didn’t use the sous vide machine this time! Aren’t you proud of me?

The recipe asked for one lemon, but I may add a few more and some other seasonings. I felt like the chicken could have a bit more kick.