Meals for the Week of 7/29

I planned out this week’s meal but decided to change it and we had been craving some Jersey Mike’s so dinner one night wasn’t cooked.

My plan was to cook several chicken dishes and have dumplings one night I was feeling lazy but since we ended up having Jersey Mike’s, no dumplings this week. (Score for another meal saved for a rainy day).

For the mister’s lunches, I made a chicken and broccoli pasta. It’s my staple that he actually taught me. I always cook the chicken first in the sous vide machine at 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then in a pan, I heat up a can of condensed soup – choose cream of mushroom, celery, chicken   – whatever you like and add a can of water.

Once it’s heated, sometimes I had worcestershire sauce too for some added flavor and then add the chicken and whatever veggie you want. Again, I’m lazy so I bought one of those steamable broccoli bags and popped it in the microwave then added it to the skillet. Cooked the pasta and combined it all. Super easy and quick and required only a pan. The less dishes the better! I usually don’t use elbow pasta but it was what we had left. He just got to be a kid again.

Y’all know I’m always craving Korean food but we have none near where I live so I saw this recipe for Korean Army Stew and decided to make it.  Since this was a last minute decision, I didn’t have all the ingredients. I skipped on the different mushrooms (no asian grocery store) and the korean chili flakes. This was also a very simple recipe. You basically just boil it all in a pot. There is a sauce that you create but again it all gets dumped into the pot. Once it boils once, then you can add the instant ramen and green onions to cook.


I loved it and had some leftovers I ate for lunch the next day. I think the mister could’ve done without the cheese but I thought it gave it a different feel and it worked for me!  I didn’t think there was a enough soup so next time I’ll be adding more liquid in it.

Lastly, I made this Hawaiian BBQ Chicken skillet and probably my favorite for this week.

Again, just sous vide the chicken at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Once that’s done, chop up the chicken. Cook your bacon, then the red onions and ginger (I didn’t add ginger), then add the chicken and stir-fry the bell pepper (I used an orange bell pepper because my grocery store was out of red – I’m sure it’d be a little different but it was still good). Lastly add your pineapple (fresh would’ve been better but I used canned), bbq sauce (Rudy’s FTW) and soy sauce. That was it! I cooked some rice and had a salad as a side.


Let me know if you make any of these and what your thoughts are! If you have any favorite easy recipes, please share as well!