Are You for the Horde or the Alliance?

Blizzard has always been one of my favorite gaming companies, mainly because Starcraft was how I fell in love with PC gaming. I used to play Starcraft all afternoon after I got home from high school.  I have so many great memories playing with friends. But, I never really got into Warcraft or World of Warcraft.  The hubby, however, used to play a lot and with this new expansion coming out, I feel like he really wants to play.  He won’t play though unless I will too.  I’m not sure if we’ll both have the time to play as our only real free time is after Emmett has gone to sleep at night and these days it seems like it takes till after 9 for him to fall asleep. By that time, I’m exhausted and just want to sleep. All the new trailers though make me kind of want to play. I did try it out a few expansions back but I have a thing against subscription games. I feel too much pressure to have to play the game that a lot of times I don’t want to. It’s the rebel in me.

Since I’ve been playing Hearthstone (Boomsday Project launches tomorrow!), I know if I pre-order World of Warcraft Battle of Azeroth, I get a card back for Hearthstone and some stuff in Overwatch. I’m really tempted because of the extra goodies and maybe I can get in on all the hype and see what it’s all about.

What to do? Are you planning on playing? If so, are you for the Horde or the Alliance?