Conquering Naps

Who knew it would be so difficult to get a baby to nap?

I thought the big issue would be sleeping through the night, but Em has been doing that since about 2 months and it has been amazing. We’ve really just struggled with his naps. I’ve heard of a 45 minute intruder but his was always at 30 minutes on the dot. He just could not get past that sleep cycle to continue. It’s been this struggle for so long that when he finally slept 1.25 hrs for all three naps yesterday, I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I had to keep checking the monitor to make sure he was still ok.  For one of his naps, I even had to wake him up because he was going to over sleep! Now, I’m just hoping that this isn’t a fluke and he will continue to sleep like this. This week, I firmly decided to start a feeding/nap schedule and maybe that’s why it’s working. I also started a nap time routine and boy does he know it. Every time, I start walking into his room and turn on sleep sheep, he starts getting restless and knows he’s about to get put in his crib. Poor guy, but he usually only struggles for a little and then passes out.

I think he’s much happier when he is well rested and he’s doing so well holding his head up now! Pretty soon he’ll be sitting up and crawling!

Did you have trouble with naps with your LO? What did you do to overcome them?

I’d also love to hear what your bed time routine is! We haven’t really set one yet.