About Me

Growing up, being an only child, I had to entertain myself so my parents provided me with Super Nintendo, Gameboy, and N64 to consume my time. I was also obsessed with Starcraft and played it religiously with friends after school (even though I wasn’t allowed to). Since then, I’ve only been casually playing games on my PC, mobile, and consoles.

Just recently,  I decided to pick up gaming again so I began my journey on Twitch.  It has been an amazing experience so far with a loving community who has patience with my (lack of platforming) skills.

Now that I am a brand new mother, I want to continue my gaming journey but also include my life as a mom.  I hope to help my son also develop skills in gaming such as strategy, quick reaction time and being aware of his environment.

I hope you will join me on this journey of gaming and motherhood!