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    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

    This week’s meals consisted of not just chicken! I didn’t get to prepare lunch for the mister this week because I decided to try out the HEB grocery delivery since it was free on Tuesday-Friday.  It’s actually really nice but I would need to have things prepared for Monday this coming week so I can cook lunch ahead of time. This week’s menu was Korean Beef Rice Bowl, Garlicky Spaghetti, and Honey Garlic Chicken. Can you tell I like garlic?? (poor Emmett) Korean Beef Rice Bowls This was so easy to make and I really liked it. If only I had some good kimchi to go with it! I followed…

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    Meals for the Week of 7/29

    I planned out this week’s meal but decided to change it and we had been craving some Jersey Mike’s so dinner one night wasn’t cooked. My plan was to cook several chicken dishes and have dumplings one night I was feeling lazy but since we ended up having Jersey Mike’s, no dumplings this week. (Score for another meal saved for a rainy day). For the mister’s lunches, I made a chicken and broccoli pasta. It’s my staple that he actually taught me. I always cook the chicken first in the sous vide machine at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Then in a pan, I heat up a can of condensed soup –…

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    Meals for the Week of July 22nd

    This week, I’m back on meal prepping/cooking. Below you’ll find the recipes I’ve loosely tried and my thoughts on it. I provided photos when I remember to take them, but my creations are never picture perfect. Boudin Biscuits This is what I called it but basically we like the Zummo’s Boudain we get at HEB but I never know what to eat with it. I quickly googled what you can pair it with and most responses were, more boudain. I got lucky and found this one that’s eggs, bacon and biscuit with boudain. We didn’t have bacon at home but we did have the Red Lobster biscuit mix so I…

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    Garlic Sriracha Chicken

    I made this Garlic Sriracha Chicken last night for dinner and it was delicious! I did, however, make quite a few changes to the recipe to fit what I had at home and as well as how I cooked it. So to clarify, I’m not a great cook and I also don’t have a lot of time to prepare everything. Luckily, we were gifted an Anova sous vide machine when we got married so I use that religiously.  It’s so easy and you can cook everything in it! It’s basically a water bath and you just need to seal (we have a FoodSaver). The recipe calls for you to marinade…

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    Meal Prepping – Week of July 8th

    This will be my first week I am meal prepping for the whole week. My goal is to make lunches for both me and the mister and then have dinner be super easy to prep and be ready since the infant doesn’t let me put him down for long. The main meat chosen was chicken since it’s cheap and easy to cook. I’ll be trying out these recipes I found from Pinterest for dinner. Chicken and Broccoli Pasta Creamy Herb Chicken Chicken Terriyaki Garlic Sriracha Chicken For lunch, I made one of my husband’s signature dishes, Cream of Mushroom Chicken. Only thing needed is the Cream of Mushroom condensed soup…

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